Andries Bruyns AKA Godfather DiDg: 
“Capturing the sound of nature and the inhibited thoughts of man”

Andries started off making didgeridoo’s 16 year ago in 1991, after a friend showed him a bamboo version at a party. “It totally captured me with its sound” were the words used by him to describe that first encounter.

His first didgeridoo he made from bamboo and gave it away to a friend as a gift. Later he made didgeridoos and sold them at markets, to support his studies. In his 3 rd year at Collage he sustained 3 rd degree burns over 75% of his body in a bush fire on the property at Klitsgras. After a year of recovery he was faced with 4 more operations, after already having had 12 operations during his 3 months stay in hospital, this was a daunting thought. Here he was faced with the option of strenuous exercise, and an opportunity to really get into making didges. After 3 months of hard work making didges from bamboo he went back to the surgeon and was told he needed no more operations.

The fact that his lungs were badly damaged by the fire and heat was something else he had to face. This was overcome by playing the didgeridoo and perfecting circular breathing. This increased his lung capacity back to fully functioning.

After really getting into making didgeridoo’s he stared spreading his wings in the use of his materials. Now the exciting thought to use different types of wood like; Eucalyptus, Seringa, Jacaranda and various fruit trees like pear wood. There are some indigenous branches that he use like Whitestink wood and Yellow wood, but these he use only when trees of this kind has been cut already. So also doing his part for keeping non-indigenous trees in check!

Andries also has a stock of over 55 logs of all shapes and sizes to pick from that he can craft a personalized picked didgeridoo form various woods.

Andries also went to the UK and started up a band that was called “One World” that consisted of 6 musos a Tablas-, Djembe-, Base Guitar-, Sitar-, Acoustic Guitar- and Didg player. They opened the Queens Birthday party celebration in Leicester city in 2002 and were on the BBC as a collective band that cut so many musical and racial barriers.

After coming back to SA he joined forces with some local musicians and they formed the band “Tokkelos “, which was described as “A Afro funk style of tribal music”.

When he later decided to take a solo path with the didgeridoo and saying “I believe this is an underrated and misunderstood instrument, which people who are not into it don’t understand how diverse and intricate instrument it is! My mission is to make them understand!”
Now he performs all over the country at Green Africa Party ( ), STRAB festival in Mozambique, at Klitsgras and wherever the need is for him perform or at events.

Andries gives didge Workshops and classes that covers Circular Breathing, Rhythms, Sound Variations, Sound Quality and how to create your own rhythms. Once a group of 7 or more people has written their names on the Didg Workshop List or just sms your name to his phone, stating that you are interested in a didg workshop. The workshops are conducted at Klitsgras, or if you have a group, he will travel to you. With the workshop comes a booklet that covers everything to be discussed and was compiled by Andries himself.