What can Klitsgras Drumming offer your Company?

As a company we give our clients an interactive drumming experience with integrity and hope to leave them able to play 3 rhythms and a sense of unity through the wonderful world of drumming and music. You can rest assured that your entertainment needs are safe in our hands as we have been in the business for the last 11 years! We are an established company and pride ourselves in our work through our passion for what we do.The group of consist of Drummers, Percussionists, Dancers and Entertainers from Ghana (West Africa), Local Entertainers, Fire Dancers and Musicians of all Nationalities.

This is a very simplistic break down of what the interactive drumming is all about and I talk about each one of these rhythms/ideas and how it is relevant to the work process.

My own view to my business comes from a point of integrity and understanding all people are different. The common denominator in most people’s life is music, so no matter if you are a CEO, PA or mailman, everyone is placed on the same level because most people don’t know anything about Djembé (African) drumming. People are then, the same and even if there are internal problems/issues it is melted away by music. People have a common goal and focus, therefore it creates unity!  And, even though it sounds like it is a group exercise, it is also an individual experience as well. Where people can come out and shine.

Interactive Drumming:

We teach the group 3 rhythms after a fun warm up session. The 3 rhythms we teach are: 1)Creation, where you create a vision for yourself, your company and clients, 2) Heart Beat, where you put the passion and drive of your heart behind your Vision you Created for yourself and last but not least, 3) Celebration, where you rejoice in your achievements and celebrate them.  This whole event lasts 45 min – 1hour depending on the client’s participation.


Booking a performance group with us follows these criteria;

We can give you one or 2 people to perform but this IS NOT MUSIC AND JUST DRUMMING! Having 2 people creates this conundrum – neither of them are open do anything else while drumming otherwise you lose impact with the drumming.

Once you book 3 or more people your entertainment moves away from drumming to music. The reason for this is that one drummer plays base drum and this drivers the rhythm and created a good solid flow of music, the other drummers can then play different rhythms over the base drum therefore creating more of an ensemble and then making music and not just drumming.

In my professional opinion to have a good impact and a wonderful show through a performance you need 4 drummers of which one is an acrobat.

The acrobat drums and steps out every now and then (he can only do this because he is supported by enough drummers that makes music for him to dance to) and then gets back to the drum so it creates a point of interest that comes and goes and he steps in and out.

We can also book fire dancers and a visual entertainment.

All out performers have been honing their craft for more 10 years each and therefore all are professional entertainers/performers.




Boomwhackers are brightly coloured plastic tubes tuned to a pentatonic scale ranging from C, D, E, G and A to C; one note per color.  We use Boomwhackers for an exciting facilitated musical experience to create a melodic effect (body percussion and other percussion instruments can be included). Boomwhackers are quieter than drums and are therefore great for team- building events and suitable for large gatherings.  Participants create rhythms using Boomwhacker percussion tubes in fun exercises that ensure co-operation.  The experience is energizing, stress reducing and facilitates team building, all whilst the participants are having fun.   No musical talent is required; anyone and everyone can master the art of the Boomwhacker!

Our boomwhacker are great for corporate events or private functions.  A minimal of half an hour is.

For a quote please contact Andries on:
083 311 0025 or e-mail andries@klitsgras.co.za


Sound Journeys;

Our sound journeys take you on a meditative healing spiritual journey through a dreamy transcendental interplay of acoustic and percussive instruments.

The facilitators will guide the group, usually no more than approx 35-40 people, through the playing of music instruments into a journey 0fsound. It is a very individual experience where the clients are guided through breath work and relaxation to heal and meditate within.

We also offer Fire Dancing– and Didgeridoo Workshops;

But the difference here is that you/the client gets to keep the instruments/equipment you learn on. The price is a bit more because of this. Another alternative is also just to hire the equipment for a fee per head. These workshops are a lot of fun and lead to a lot of laughter. The Didgeridoo workshop covers: Rhythms, Sound quality, Circular Breathing, Sound Variations and how to create your own songs!

All our performers and entertainers have been practicing their special talents and craft for over 10 years, which makes them professionals in their field.