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Greg Georgiades & GodFather Didge @ Klitsgras Drumming

27/07/2018 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Be sure to join us this coming Friday 27 July

at Klitsgras Drumming Circle for an unforgettable musical adventure with Greg Georgiades musical South African Legend together with Godfather didge that will also be sharing some good vibrations with his Didge and Djembe.
& our awesome audio visual team Audiotorch will be joining us to add to the musical experience.
excited to see you there share far and wide…

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A bit more about Greg what to expect and his amazing instruments:

1) Nylon string flamenco guitar
made for me by the amazing luthier Mervyn Davis, in 1983. I have played this guitar for 35 years. Its is the only one of it’s kind and it was made out of cedar wood obtained from old ammunition crates. Fitted with a piezo electric pick up it has a great range of tone and projection of sound, even unplugged.

2) Oud…12 string
traditional North African fretless lute custom made for me by Mervyn Davis. This is the ancestor of the guitar as we know it and is played all through the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa down to Camaroun as well as Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. The influence of the oud is also evident in Southern Spain where there was a Muslim empire for a few hundred years.

3) Soprano Ukulele…
very small compact 4 string instrument that is always under estimated for what it can express. I have an acoustic with microphonic contact piezo pickups that also pick up body sounds for tapping, scratching and percussion. I also have an electric solid body ukulele with hot hand wound humbucker pickups.

4)Bouzouki….8 string
traditional steel string instrument originating from eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and East Mediterranean. It is super expressive and lively and besides showing it’s traditional side, I love using it for jazzy stuff and African music.

5) Banjo …4 string
banjo which I tune like a ukulele and use just plain steel strings with no winding. I self fitted a microphonic piezzo pickup. A wonderful fun instrument with a very percussive sound. I also use it for African styled music and it is extremely versatile.

6) Oudtar….
an innovation by Mervyn Davis and myself to create a baritone 11 s for an unforgettable musical adventure with design which he branded as The Smoothtalker. This is also a fretless instrument that sounds like a double bass with upper oud ranges all in one instrument.

From Greg Georgiades:

I love using these beautiful instruments to speak the magical language of music in order to tell attractive, exciting stories that take people on journeys of self discovery while having great fun and happiness. These instruments combine beautifully with percussion and especially African and Afro Latin rhythms and beats.
I have had some memorable experiences collaborating with many groups of musicians over the years but one of the highlights continues to be jamming with Andries Bruyns and his entire drumming circle with Andries and his team of excellent facilitators showing the way.
Add to this the awesome sound of Andries switching to didgeridoo with the entire drumming circle and one gets a feeling that anything is possible and the story can unfold in all its beauty.

These collaborations have become highlights on the Klitsgras Drumming circle program of events and much loved by all who have attended.
I have played with Andries on other line ups, including Chiba Fly, UFO and guesting with the late great Chris Tokalon…
I am certainly looking forward to the next BIG JAM this Friday the 27th of July with Godfather Didge and his wonderful circle of drummers.


7:00 pm - 11:30 pm




Klitsgras Drumming, Garsfontein rd,
Tierpoort, Gauteng South Africa
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