I have been teaching drumming and percussion since 2009 and have been playing since 1998.

I present West African percussion classes that run on a 6 month basis, starting a new beginner class every 6 months. The 2 hour long lessons are held at Klitsgras Drumming every 2nd Saturday.


The lessons entail:

– Djembe hand technique.

– Many rhythms and ensembles (West African, Southern African, Middle Eastern and others).

– A sacred approach to drums and drumming.

– Learning to play other percussion instruments (bass drums, cow bells, shakers and much more).

– Rhythm and percussion activities.

– Drum rhythm notation and notes.

– And lots of laughter and fun.


What you’ll need for the lessons:

– A Djembe drum your own or borrowed, but we also hire a drum for R40.

– Liquid refreshments. NO alcohol please!


Drum details:

– I have hand-picked the drums for sale.

– The prices ranges from R380 to R1500.

– The prices depend on the size and quality of the drum.

– Owning a drum will enable you to develop your skills through practicing at home or playing at drum circles.

– Please be careful when buying drums at markets. Cheaper drums are available but as previous buyers have experienced the wood and drum skin are often suspect.

– In my experience, those students that spend time thinking about and playing the rhythms, raise their skill level and enjoyment of this amazing instrument quickly.

See you soon to start this amazing journey!


Feedback from our drum classes:


“Ek kan jou wel al se dat hierdie ondervinding al my verwagtinge oortref met betrekking tot nie net die “level” van tegniese inligting nie, maar ook op n geestelike en ontspannings vlak (vir iemand wat se “flow” van “energy nie altyd “smooth” is nie en sukkel met angs).”


“I always wondered about the magic of rhythms and the significance of actually being able to connect “practiced rhythms” to spiritual awareness. I bought a djembe about seven years ago and never actually played it, as I had great difficulty keeping a rhythm and creating that “higher” feeling of being part of the pulsating universe.

Then I received an invite from you (Andries @ Klitsgras) inviting me to join your djembe class. This was my chance to dust of the djembe and become one with the pulsating rhythms of Mother Earth. In only one two hour lesson I was able to “feel” the rhythms you taught us as I practised them at home. After our third session and I can actually start creating my own rhythms.

Thank you brother for tuning me into those hypnotising pulsating rhythms of drumming.

I now know the significance of “practised rhythms”, and I now know how this connects to my inner being. This “knowing” I cannot explain, it has to be experienced.

I am becoming music!”