A word of thanks:

I would like to thank all the people that have treated this sacred space as such and as their own, with regard and respect. They have taken it upon themselves to report to management when people conduct themselves in a less conscious way. This is the only way we can maintain this beautiful space created for us all!

I would ask all punters to behave in a respectful way and as if it were your parents home, or your own, but I know how some people behave at these places and the way some individuals have conducted themselves at this venue. Therefore the need for a Code of Conduct was brought to my attention, where some boundaries must be put down so that people know what is expected of them!


•  The smoking of marijuana (dagga) at the venue will not be tolerated, since it is firstly, illegal across our beautiful country and secondly, because Klitsgras is a family friendly environment. Please be considerate of other people!!! We are also checked in on by undercover police once in a while.

•  Cigarettes; None of the residents at Klitsgras smokes so it is a horrible task to pick up peoples cigarette butts, and these take over 50 years to biodegrade! So saying this, there are ashtrays everywhere at the Circle and also fires where cigarette butts can be thrown in. Or otherwise put it in a can or bottle please! The fire dancing pit is also not a big ashtray and it is up to fire dancers to enforce this since this space was created for you.

Bottles and rubbish:

There are so many rubbish bins available and no need to throw the bottles, cups, paper plates, and other rubbish around.

The next point is a NO-TOLERANCE point. Purposely breaking bottles and throwing bottles around is a big problem, because of the fact that there are so many children and other people that run around barefoot at the Circle and picking up peaces of glass in plants and amongst grass is not only difficult, but impossible to find all the pieces!! Any person caught doing so will be removed and not allowed back into Klitsgras. Also banging 2 bottles together for rhythm at the Circle seems like a good idea, but bottles are made thinner than they used to … please don’t.

Wood and fire food:  

Fire wood is a scares and expensive commodity, and the amount of wood that is available must suffice for the whole evening and once it has been burned it is done for the night! Pine cones and pine needles are all provided but have to be treated as a luxury and not burned by the heaps. Any donations of wood and or places where we can collect cut wood from are always greatly appreciated!!! Making the fire too big is also a problem for the drummers and people in the bottom circle of the amphitheatre so, if you pack wood on the fire, please don’t go overboard.

In the winter we provide the Circle with at least 4 fire concas and we ask that you use these to make fire in and not make fire just anywhere on the property! This must seem silly to mention, but I would not mention it if it has not happened.

Closing time:

We generally close at 02H00 in the morning, and try and keep to that because of our arrangement with the neighbors this is the cutoff time for the drumming and music. Now some people still go out and drumming in the parking lot, which is even closer to the one neighbor, so please refrain from doing this, because this just creates problems for the Drumming Circle, and that comes to no good for all of us in the long run.

The evening’s festivities might be stopped a little before 2am, but we have this space for people to make music and as soon as it is just 5 people making a noise and there is no rhythm going on, last rounds will be called.

I am very sorry that this had to be done. But I know all our loyal clients have a great understanding for what has been said and would also like to see things being run in a well organized and fun way. All your help and support is and will be welcome and supported by our staff and management!!! Thank you everyone for all you have done to support this space and the beautiful music and great attitude!

Thanking you for your cooperation

Andries Bruyns