I started making and playing the didgeridoo in 1991. I was mesmerised by the instrument when I first heard it played by a friend. This inspired me to make my own. After perfecting my technique I subsequently spent a few years supplementing my student income by selling my didges at flea markets. Little did I know that making and playing didgeridoos would become an integral part of my healing process after a severe fire accident during my last year of studies.

I believe that this is an underrated and misunderstood instrument, which people who are not into it don’t understand how diverse and intricate an instrument it is! My mission is to make them understand!

What I cover in the didgeridoo workshop:

•                How to get started

•                Creating sound variations

•                Circular Breathing

•                Double Breathing

•                Playing Rhythms

•                Making your own rhythms

•                Didgeridoo Maintenance

•                Different didgeridoos

•                Picking a Didgeridoo

I craft handmade wooden didges, each log selected for its sculptural qualities. See the website for pictures and contact me for more info.