So, what happens at Klitsgras venue on a drumming night?

We open at 19:00 and this is just in time for supper and you can try our delicious wood fire pizza and grab a drink. While familiarizing yourself with the venue and settling in by hiring a drum from our shop, that opens @ 20:00, for R40 with your ID/Drivers as deposit, you can find yourself a good spot in the drumming amphitheater.

People start playing drums and getting the grove going and everyone joins in. There are strong drummers but no real guidance is given and people just play what they feel and express themselves through the Djembe drum. This is just made better by Didgeridoo players and percussionists that create music for the fire dancers to dance to in our fire pit.

We also have bands that perform here, from the well-known Black Cat Bones, ISO, Strings & Skins to the lesser known up and coming bands.

We also have a DJ that plays music after and between bands.

Here you can not only see and experience entertainment you literally become part of the entertainment!