As a company we give our clients an interactive drumming experience with integrity and hope to leave them able to play 3 rhythms and a sense of unity through the wonderful world of drumming and music. You can rest assured that your entertainment needs are safe in our hands as we have been in the business for the last 11 years! We are an established company and pride ourselves in our work through our passion for what we do.The group of consist of Drummers, Percussionists, Dancers and Entertainers from Ghana (West Africa), Local Entertainers, Fire Dancers and Musicians of all Nationalities.

This is a very simplistic break down of what the interactive drumming is all about and I talk about each one of these rhythms/ideas and how it is relevant to the work process.

My own view to my business comes from a point of integrity and understanding that all people are different. The common denominator in most people’s lives is music, so no matter if you are a CEO, PA or mailman; everyone is placed on the same level because most people don’t know anything about Djembé (African) drumming. People are then, the same and even if there are internal problems/issues it is melted away by music. People have a common goal and focus, therefore it creates unity!  And, even though it sounds like it is a group exercise, it is also an individual experience as well. Where people can come out and shine.

Interactive Drumming:

We teach the group 3 rhythms after a fun warm up session. The 3 rhythms we teach work with creativity and vision then with passion and heartwhere you put the passion and drive of your heart behind your vision you created for yourself and last but not least we celebrate where you rejoice in your achievements.

All our performers and entertainers have been practicing their special talents and craft for over 10 years, which makes them professionals in their field.

We also offer Fire Dancing – and Didgeridoo Workshops;

But the difference here is that you/the clients get to keep the instruments/equipment you learn on. The price is a bit more because of this. Another alternative is also just to hire the equipment for a fee per head. These workshops are a lot of fun and lead to a lot of laughter.The Didgeridoo workshop covers: Rhythms, Sound quality, Circular Breathing, Sound Variations and how to create your own songs.
Another service we offer your company and clients are shows and entertainment like African-, Carnival-, Eastern- (Belly Dancing) themed parties.

Feedback from a school we did interactive drumming with:

Siobhan Schreuder 7 IK

“The drumming session was an amazing experience. I’ve always loved music and I attach a great deal of emotion to music and songs. The rhythms  sounded so beautiful, one second we will all be pounding away and the next second we would stop and there would be a dead silence. My heart raced everytime i touched the drum and it stung like crazy but i wanted more! I have never felt a rush of emotion like that before.”

TamsynBauermeister 7 IK

My experience was very good,that morning before the session I was not in a good mood at all and after the session I felt way better! The whole feeling of everyone becoming one and truely feeling the music was amazing. Everytime  we stopped at the  count of 4 it felt like life just stopped! It was not only  a new experience it was teamwork and appreciation for different cultures.

DanelleVolkwyn 7 CJ

This experience was life changing! We had an awesome time together as a group. I would have never thought that a group of 170 kids could be able to have the same rhythm and timing. We felt the music in our bodies,the whole hall vibrated-amazing! With every sudden stop it felt like my heart lifted to the sky. echoeing in the distance. It taught us how to listen and appreciate music-basic African rhythms. Thanks to Andries and Mrs Volkwyn for giving us the opportunity to experience something that we would probably NEVER experience again.

Jessica Craven 7 IK

The Drumming was an experience that i will never forget and something i will sadly never experience again. When i walked in I could feel the excitement building as I sat behind the drum. At first I was a bit lost, but then I took a deep breath and really concentrated. I had only one thing on my mind boom takataka boom. It felt like every mind and soul in that hall were “interconnected” and we were all completely at ease. I could feel the positive energy vibrating through the room and it was fabulous!! Thanks to Klitsgras and Mrs Volkwyn

KaylinPillay 7 GB

As we closed our eyes and visualize life,I could forget about exams and homework. There was a “balance” created that needed to be filled.

Lolo Mokhampanyane 7 GB

My experience playing with the drums made me so happy! I felt like a kid again and I wanted to tell somebdy special how happy I was! I went home and it was the best day of the whole year.


Lana Volkwyn
Weltevreden Park Primary

Feedback from our drum classes:

“Ek kan jou wel al se dat hierdie ondervinding al my verwagtinge oortref met betrekking tot nie net die “level” van tegniese inligting nie, maar ook op n geestelike en ontspannings vlak (vir iemand wat se “flow” van “energy nie altyd “smooth” is nie en sukkel met angs).”


“I always wondered about the magic of rhythms and the significance of actually being able to connect “practiced rhythms” to spiritual awareness. I bought a djembe about seven years ago and never actually played it, as I had great difficulty keeping a rhythm and creating that “higher” feeling of being part of the pulsating universe.

Then I received an invite from you (Andries @ Klitsgras) inviting me to join your djembe class. This was my chance to dust of the djembe and become one with the pulsating rhythms of Mother Earth. In only one two hour lesson I was able to “feel” the rhythms you taught us as I practised them at home. After our third session and I can actually start creating my own rhythms.

Thank you brother for tuning me into those hypnotising pulsating rhythms of our Mother Earth.

I now know the significance of “practised rhythms”, and I now know how this connects to my inner being. This “knowing” I cannot explain, it has to be experienced.

I am becoming music!”