What can you expect at Klitsgras Drumming?

We offer a unique African experience on a professional level with all facilities that a normal club or venue has. It is unique in the way that it is a family friendly venue and events.

What to wear?

No white clothes (we have a red soil) and no high heels.

What should I bring?

Bring your wallet (cover per person in cash) & a good attitude. You will also need your ID/Drivers License to hire a drum per person per drum as a deposit. And drum hire is R40 per person.

What do we have on offer?

We have a fully stocked bar, a coffee shop that serves fresh baked goods & delicious fire baked pizza’s   and of course a great variety of tea and coffee.

What happens on our evenings?

Once you have a drum, food and drink you can sit down in our amphitheater around a cozy fire where the professionals and novices are drumming together and everyone joins in. Everyone takes lead from these people even if you do not know what you are doing, you just follow their drumming. So you are not only here to watch, but to be part of the entertainment! And then as a visual bonus the fire dancers move to the groves of the drumming. We also have didgeridoo players and percussionist that frequent our venue.

We also have bands playing here in our Lapa area and in-house DJ’s.  So event door fee might vary but check out our FB page or website calander!

What else is happening at Klitsgras?

We also have a venue for hire, which has been built for the Drumming and Entertainment purposes. Our venue is located just outside PTA East, and has a safe parking area, bar facilities, Toilet, Fire-Dancing Circle and the main Amphitheatre is covered by a 14 x 14 meter roof. It is very popular for Alternative weddings, Birthday Parties and Year end Functions

We also do external drumming (interactive) and shows!

Remember this in an experience so it is hard to explain to someone, “what to expect” because you have to have the experience for yourself!

Here is a link to our YouTube page with a video