Relaunch featuring Live Entertainment. Klitsgras Drumming in Pretoria is relaunching our open circles featuring Remix ,  Jedd DeGenerous and Shmee


Event at other Venue...

We’re thrilled to inform you that as part of our Moonlight Market, we’re hosting a captivating Mad-Hatters Moonlight theme, complete with a drumming circle!


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party & Live Entertainment: 18:30 to 20:30
• Enjoy a Mad-Hatters Tea Party with dinner and beverages, & shopping local arts and crafts (BYO – no corkage fee).
• Live music and kids’ entertainment to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Drumming Circle: 20:30 to 21:30
• The highlight of the evening! Join us for an exhilarating drumming circle where you can DRUM LIKE MAD!

Event at Bryanston Organic market JHB

LIVE Music Nick Foxtail.

Festival of Fools. This Festival is one not to be missed! A real Festival of Fools, Dress the part Join the fun. There will be much to see and the live acts and entertainment will be something to remember!

May the 4th be with you. Join us for the 4th of May you Must. The drumming starts at 18h00, it will. Experience you need not. 16H00 the gates shall open, to all. Dress the theme Encouraged it is.

The Fire Festival.  An annual event not to be missed! Never a disappointment and a spectacular visual evening that young and old will enjoy.
The Fire Festival combines craftsmanship and the beauty of flames to create a masterpiece.
Fire dancers and our big fire display at 20:00. Fire dancers get free entry and there will be some paraffin available.
Greg Georgiades & Godfather Didge.
This is one of Klitsgras best events of the year.
– Please join us for mesmerising meandering of Mideastern string instruments played by Greg Georgiades that adds melody to the already existing rhythms that is established by the drum circle & YOU🫵🏼.
Then GodFather Didge (Andries Bruyns) will also play on many various Didgeridoo’s & Percussion instruments that lay down the path, that will leads you to a musical 🎶 blissful experience.
Door opens at 16:00 & we will make our way to the amphitheater & an evening of great music & fun with you from 6pm … We would love to see you there!

1/4 of a Century Birthday… Yes Klitsgras Drumming is turning 25 Years. An annual event not to be missed! Theme to be announced!

Rocking Christmas at  Klitsgras Drumming Circle 14th Dec 2024. 
Join us for the last circle of 2024 it is advised to get your drumming therapy as we will only open in February again.
Rocking Christmas @ Klitsgras Drumming with Live Entertainment is always a festive event so dress the Theme.
Klitsgras Drumming in is a community-based drumming circle that is located in Tierpoort, Pretoria, South Africa.
It was founded in 1999 by Musician and Drummer Andries Bruyns who has a great passion for drumming and the African continent. The venue is set in a beautiful natural setting offering indoor and outdoor seating, complete with bonfires.
The interactive drumming sessions for public starts at 18h00 with a short tutorial. The sessions are facilitated by experienced drumming instructors who guide the participants through a range of drumming techniques and rhythms.
The instructors are patient and encouraging, which makes the experience enjoyable for drummers of all skill levels.
In addition to the live performances, the interactive drumming sessions are an excellent way for the audience to participate in the music-making. It is both energetic and captivating, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the rhythm and excitement of the performances.
The overall atmosphere at Klitsgras Drumming is lively and inclusive. The audience is made up of people from all walks of life, and everyone is encouraged to join in and have fun.
The Woodburn Pizzas are also something to talk about and the staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming. It’s a perfect venue for a night out with friends, family and birthday events. This is an experience that is not to be missed.
Gates open at 16:00 our amazing wood burn oven pizzas and Refreshments will be available. Sights and Sounds has a wide selection of shopping and browsing to be done and the Drum rental is R50. Circle starts at 18:00
If it was your Birthday 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after circle … you pay no cover at the door!
Please note: driving companies does not always facilitate late in the evenings via apps so please book your trip home earlier if possible.
What to bring:
Warm clothing or a blanket.
Pillow if you find your own to be more comfortable than ours.
Water bottle you can refill ( We have lovely clean borehole water available with cups – however water bottle works better in circle sometimes)
A positive vibe and adventure for something new.
What Not to bring:
Your own food and Drink
(Unless you have dietary restrictions in which case please inbox us.)
What’s app +27833110025 or email if you need to know more…