Why would YOU want to join our regular events?

Whenever you go anywhere you mostly get the “same old, same old” at Klitsgras, you can not only just relax & see what’s happening, you also have the opportunity to participate in the activities and drumming!

Most venues give you a place to sit, drink and eat a meal; with a playground for the kids as entertainment.

We have fun activities throughout the evening and will not be your usual boring regular night out! Drumming is for all ages and if you are a beginner or professional you are welcome; so if you are a first timer or a regular the circle can always be made bigger! Drum rental is available…. Bring along a proof of identification please.

When at Klitsgras you participate with friends and family instead of the old “Saturday night outing” routine we have come accustomed too. Our venue offers something of an indoor and outdoor experience. Our Drumming circle, live entertainment area and restaurant is under roof. We can operate during load shedding and our Wood Burn Pizza is a favourite amongst our regulars. The venue is wheel chair accessible and we have ample seating.

As the longest consecutive running drumming circle in Pretoria we have had a variety of events. Some of these like the fire festival tribute to what is known as Burn has become an annual event with craftsman ship being it’s only competition to better the effigy of the year before.

Klitsgras celebrates many years of Entertaining while teaching through the love and art of drumming and music. This is celebrated yearly with our Birthday bash a themed dress party where we go all out with décor and fun to entertain you and the family.

About our venue; we offer Refreshments, Pizza and at bigger events other food catering. There is a coffee barista on call and we offer clean non municipal water for free so bring along your water bottle for the evening.

Camping and lodging is available for the evening after circle but please note we do not have showers but there is amblitions at the venue. Camping not for you? We have a cabin available please contact us for more information.

Herewith also a list of great accommodation in the area.


If you opt to use a car service please note that the services become scarce later at night thus please schedule a ride back.

What to bring along:   Warm clothing or a blanket, sometimes there can be a little chill in the air and we promote comfort as a venue. Pillow for at the circle in the amphitheatre and only if you find your own to be more comfortable than ours. A positive mind-set and adventure for something new.

What Not to bring:   Your own food (unless you have dietary restrictions in which case contact us please) and Drink, Illegal Substances, and weapons.