More about the Tutorial

My life is enveloped by rhythm & music and I have had over 25 years of practical experience and exposure to all kinds of ethic percussive instruments. Which lays a great foundation to present a partial interactive learning experience.

We also discuss...

The science behind some of them & how the instrument had evolved over the years and what they look like then & now. Also covering historical events that led up to evolution of music as we know it currently. Instruments included are:

  • Didgeridoo (3 different types)
  • Hang drum (hand pan)
  • Rain-stick
  • Jaw Harp (3 x different types)
  • Chimes & Symbols (2 x different types)
  • Djembe (Drum)
  • Bongo Conga (Drum)
  • Conga (Drum)
  • Caxixi (Shaker)
  • Cosca (Shaker)
  • Mbira (Finger Piano)
  • Marimba (Xylophone)
  • Bass Drums (Set of 3)
  • & other percussion instruments.